Putting this up as a place to put my thoughts down on programming and software engineering. It’s a place to digest what I’m reading, share some of what I’m doing, and try to be a contributing member of the community. Hopefully it’s interesting to others. If not maybe I’ll be getting something from it through Learning by Teaching.

I recently gave a talk to a local meetup. This is the first time I gave a talk like this outside work. This sort of thing is new for me; I’ve never been much of a public speaker. I felt I should do the talk, like I’m doing this blog, to try and give back to the tech community which has given me so much over the years. The talk was on C# to try and expand the attendees’ knowledge of the language and improve its perception in the open source community.

Despite using the language regularly for years, just putting together the presentation helped me learn more about it. Specifically, I had to go look up what the ?? operator was called (null coalescing operator), and I had to go look further into unsafe blocks since I had never needed them before. Then when giving the presentation I got a question about partial classes that I had never considered before and it clarified how I thought about them.

My advice – if you’ve never spoken before at a group talk to the organizers, find a topic and put together a presentation. Even if it’s something you know, you can still learn something from putting it together and doing it.


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