2015 Year in Review

I started this blog this year to give back to the community. On a personal note, I’m pleased with having succeeded at writing a post every week. I had been aiming for posts a little bit longer than most of what I wrote (I was aiming for 500-750 words a piece but seemed to hit 300-500 more consistently).  I had hoped to post more technical content like the F# posts but I ended up having less opportunity for personal projects than anticipated, and nothing from work would have provided  enough to post about without a 3000 word introduction to provide context.

I wanted to show some insight into what the reception has been since I started back in September. WordPress collects some basic stats on the blog.


The weird thing that jumped out to me immediately is that I’m getting much more traffic from Bing than Google. The bulk of the traffic being for the article I wrote on F# Koans, but that seems reasonable since people looking for information about F# would be using Bing. Also when searching for “F# koans” on Bing I’m the second result, whereas on Google I gave up looking for it after page 15. The “Michael O Church” referrals were all from a WordPress linkback, where his articles that I linked to got footers that linked back to me. The twitter traffic was all for the Checklist Manifesto post.

Overall, traffic was pretty low with 41 people looking at 62 pages. I didn’t do anything to promote traffic, which seems like a good reason for traffic to be so low. I don’t know how this compares to other new blogs. I’m not sure what things I could or should be doing to promote traffic. I think that I should link the blog in profiles I have in various places, which could drive more traffic.

I’ve enjoyed the writing all of these posts. Writing out my thoughts on various topics have helped organize them, especially with the Javascript ecosystem post. I’ve only had one post I tried to write where I couldn’t articulate my thinking clearly and gave up on it (and I’m planning on going back to it eventually.) I wish that I had started doing this years ago.

I’d like to share some of my blogging goals for 2016. I want to keep up the weekly pace – the list of ideas for posts I keep has been holding steady in length although it seems to be accumulating some more complex topics. I want to try and do some more technical posts, but those require more inspiration/preparation. I want to find a way to describe some of what I’m doing at work since it is interesting, but without too much context. Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far, I hope those who have read it have enjoyed it, and here’s to a great 2016!


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