Mongo Play Evolutions

I ran into an odd situation with some Play Framework evolutions for MongoDB and hope to save the next person in this situation some time. I got two messages from it that I wasn’t really expecting, the first was “!!! WARNING! This script contains DOWNS evolutions that are likely destructives” and the second was seemingly more helpful “mongev: Run with -Dmongodb.evolution.applyProdEvolutions=true and -Dmongodb.evolution.applyDownEvolutions=true if you want to run them automatically, including downs (be careful, especially if your down evolutions drop existing data)” The big issue I had was I couldn’t tell why it felt it should be running the downs portion of the evolution at all.

Some digging in the logs showed it wanted to run the down for evolution 71 and the up for evolution 71 as well. This was when I got really confused, why would it attempt to run both the down of the evolution and the up for the same evolution? I spent a while digging through the code looking at how it decided what evolutions to run and it turns out to be comparing the saved content of the evolution that was run at some point in the past with the current content of the evolution. So it recognized that the current 71 evolution was different from the previous evolution 71 and was attempting to fix this by running the saved down evolution and then the new up evolution.

The environment was setup to not run down evolutions since that usually meant that you had screwed up somewhere. We had accidentally deployed a snapshot version to the environment a while back, which is where the unexpected behavior came from. We ended up fixing the problem by breaking the evolution into two different evolutions so there was no down to be run.


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