2016 Year in Review

Looking back at this year’s blogging, strictly by the numbers everything is much bigger than last year. Last year there were 63 pageviews by 42 visitors, this year there were 440 views by 359 visitors. Part of the increase was since I have a whole year rather than a couple of months’ worth but that doesn’t account for the whole increase.

Last year I outlined some goals for this year.

  • Increase readership
  • Keep up the weekly posts
  • Write more technical posts
  • Write about what I was doing at work some

I feel like I achieved each of these goals. The views were up considerably, for both the new posts and some of the old posts. I hit the weekly post goal, although I went through a good bit of the backlog of post ideas I had. I got some more technical posts with some of the Nuget conversion, Scala posts and the anonymous type serialization. The Nuget conversion was what I was doing at work and I got to talk about that some.

As for some of the specifics of this year, F# Koans and the post on the Javascript Ecosystem both continued to get a good number of views. The post on Modern Agile was a surprise hit on my part racking up 108 views and a surprising variety of incoming sources from LinkedIn, Slack, and a couple of different tweets.

I’ve got a couple of goals going forward for 2017

  • Continued increases in readership
  • Keep up the weekly post cadence
  • Write a longform piece and see what that looks like in this format

I don’t have any specific means to accomplish the readership increase. Last year I added references to the blog in a couple of profiles I had other places, but that seems to have only generated five referrals. Since a quarter of the views came from one post I’m slightly concerned that readership may go down. The weekly post cadence helps me keep in the writing habit and while there have been some posts that didn’t generate any views, that’s something I think I can live with. I’d like to try the longform piece since a number of the posts I’ve been writing are just pointing towards other people’s ideas and not a lot of new thoughts. To a certain point the problems I’m fighting and the solutions I’m deploying aren’t that different than what other people are doing so a lot of these ideas are already out there in the world.


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